Parliament confiscates Bagyenda’s passport

In exercise of its powers under the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure and the Administration of Parliament Act, the committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) has confiscated the former Bank of Uganda Executive Director in charge of Commercial Banks Supervision, Justine Bagyenda’s passport to ensure that she will be available every time she is required to appear before the committee.

The committee is probing the alleged irregular closure of seven commercial banks by the Bank of Uganda.

Being the officer who was responsible, Bagyenda is central to the investigation that she caused a setback on the hearings last week when she flew out of the country.

There were fears that she would not show up for today’s hearing, but Bagyenda arrived early enough at Parliament’s Conference Hall were the committee sits.

And as business got underway, MPs made suggestions that the former Central Bank supremo be arrested but the committee chairperson Abdu Katuntu disagreed, and instead asked her to deposit her passport with Parliament until the investigation is complete.

“For the Committee to be sure you will be here, it doesn’t harm to deposit here with Parliament your passports,” Katuntu said.

Bunyole West MP James Waluswaka had wanted the committee to put Bagyenda under confinement in Parliament which Katuntu said is not within the powers of the committee.

“Whatever powers we do have are written in the law and we exercise them judiciously. I would decline to enforce any powers of confinement and it is also restricted, it is absolutely unnecessary,” Katuntu said.