Killer boat finally retrieved

Six days after it capsized in Lake Victoria, the joint team of Ministry of Works and Transport engineers, Police and UPDF marines, the boat that claimed dozens of lives has finally been retrieved.

Since Sunday, the teams have been trying to pull out the sunken water vessel but in vain until about 4pm on Thursday when the efforts showed signs of paying off.

The boat was finally pulled to the shore at Mutima Country Haven were still on going despite earlier threats by the beach’s management to sue government for damages.

The ill-fated boat being pulled out of the water

At least 33 people died on the boat that sailed from KK Beach Ggaba near Kampala headed for K-Templar Beach at Mpata in Mukono district, but went off course towards Mutima Country Haven beach after it developed mechanical problems only to capsize within a short distance to the shore.

The recreation facility’s management claims that the heavy presence of the army and the police at their beach has scared away possible customers besides causing destruction to the facility’s lawn.

As a way of sending the security men away, the beach’s management locked their toilet facilities leading to protestations from the security chiefs.

“They had even locked the toilets yet some of us buy their food,” the Director of Police Operations AIGP Asuman Mugenyi told journalists.

“They are complaining that we have destroyed their grass, and that because of these uniforms, their customers are no longer coming but they can’t sue me, they can sue the police, they can’t sue the UPDF because we are not the ones who caused the accident nor were we the first to bring here the bodies,” Mugenyi said.

He advised the management to address their issues to the Attorney General since the police and army act on behalf of the government.