Bagyenda stole BOU documents – security official

After she agreed to leave her job at Bank of Uganda, Justine Bagyenda, the former Executive Director in charge of Commercial Banks Supervision, sneaked out a number of key documents relating to the operations of the Central Bank, members of Parliament’s committee on Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) have been told.

Testifying before the committee in the ongoing probe into the alleged irregular closure of seven commercial banks, Milton Orech Opio, the Head of security at Bank of Uganda said, Bagyenda sneaked out several documents some of which were recovered from her home.

Orech was summoned to appear before the committee after MPs raised concerns over the disappearance of the documents relating to the liquidation of the seven commercial banks.

Orech told the MPs that the documents were taken out of Bank of Uganda within two weeks after Bagyenda left her job.

He told the committee that although the Central Bank sought to obtain a search warrant to have the documents retrieved, she objected to the process claiming she was being witch hunted forcing the Bank to abandon the search.

According to Orech, Bagyenda managed to beat the security of the Central Bank and managed to sneak out with three bags of documents but Bank of Uganda recovered only two bags.

This forced the committee chairperson, Abdu Katuntu to set up a four member team of MPs namely, Francis Takirwa (UPDF), Nathan Itungo (Kashari County), Betty Muzanira (Rukungiri Woman) and Andrew Aja (Kabale Municipality) to go to Bank of Uganda and review the security camera footage and present a report to the committee highlighting what happened at the time the documents were stolen.