Lake Victoria accident death toll rises to 24

The death toll from the Saturday tragic boat accident on Lake Victoria has risen to 24 with more bodies being retrieved by a combined force of local fishermen, police and UPDF marines.

A police diver in search of the victims

The boat left KK beach Ggaba near Kampala at about midday on Saturday headed for Mutima beach in Mukono district with an estimated over 120 people.

The music was playing, alcoholic drinks were flowing while some, according to survivors, were smoking Shisha or chewing “some leaves.”

Somewhere in the middle of the lake, the boat stopped for the revellers to enjoy their party. The journey later continued, but with their destination in sight, the boat sunk.

One of the survivors, Shamirah Nsereko, because of the loud music, the revellers could not hear safety warnings from the boat’s crew.

“It was when the music stopped and we saw a speaker falling into the water when we realised that something was not right,” Nsereko said.

Within minutes, the boat had sunk, bringing the fun filled evening to a tragic end.

Fishermen at a nearby landing site were the first to come to the rescue of the victims, helping Buganda prince David Kintu Wasajja, businessman Fred Kiyimba aka Freeman, musicians Hope Mukasa and Iryn Namubiru amon other to the shore.

Security agencies have ruled out possibility of finding more survivors

Police and UPDF marine units joined the rescue mission, joined on Sunday morning by the airforce unit but without hope of finding more survivors.

About 80 people are feared to be still trapped under the wreckage of the boat that went down with its owner Templar Bisase and his wife Sheilah who have both been confirmed dead.