Capsized boat had no license, was unregistered

Days before the ill-fated boat that capsized on Lake Victoria on Saturday evening, the Ministry of Works and Transport had been looking for it, but the owners hid it.

According to the State Minister for Works Aggrey Bagiire, On Thursday, a team from the Ministry went to Ggaba landing site on a mission to impound the boat but was told that it was out of service because of its bad mechanical state.

“It had no license, it was not registered, and hadn’t been inspected. Because a team from the Ministry has always been looking for it, its owners always hid it,” Bagiire said.

It has also emerged that on the fateful day, police marines and other fishermen at Ggaba had warned the owner, Templar Bisase against using it for the boat cruise but he defiantly loaded the merry makers and set-off for the lake.

“One concerned Ugandan called Kaweesi and the police marines warned about the mechanical condition of the boat and advised them not to go but the owner forcefully started it,” Bagiire said.

The minister said that it was loaded beyond capacity yet it was in a dangerous mechanical condition.

“From today on words, people who use the waters must adhere to the set rules,” Bagiire said, also announcing plans by the government to amend the 1950s Marine Act.