Kadaga wants Parliament to investigate Makerere University’s ‘discriminative’ appointments

Angered by Makerere University’s recent appointment of Dr Umar Kakumba and Prof William Bazeyo as Deputy Vice Chancellors in-charge of Academic Affairs and Finance and Administration respectively, the Speaker of Parliament has directed the Legislature’s Education committee to investigate what she called discriminative appointments.

According to Kadaga, the appointments that were announced last week show that the University administration favours men to ascend to its top leadership positions.

In her opening remarks during Tuesday’s plenary session, Kadaga said that there is need to look into appointments at Makerere which have been marred with skewed incidences of pushing well qualified women out of positions of power.

Prof William Bazeyo was appointed 2nd Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration) “Reading the press last week, we saw that Makerere University has appointed two Deputy Vice Chancellors and we have realized that they are all men. So the entire leadership of the University is skewed, many female candidates applied and the results showed that men have taken up all positions and this is really perpetrating an imbalance,” Kadaga said.

Makerere University Chancellor Prof Ezra Suruma last week approved the appointments of Dr Kakumba and Prof Bazeyo upon the recommendation of the University Council.

Kadaga said that there are very many structural imperfections at Makerere which makes it difficult for highly qualified women in the University to compete to take up these leadership positions

“There are 27 leadership positions and all of them from the Vice Chancellor to principals of the colleges; all the 27 are occupied by the men. Can this be a fair society? It isn’t. This is in contradiction to our constitution. This is a matter which I want the Committee of Education to take an interest so we progressively see better participation and equity,” Kadaga said.