PICTORIAL: Security foil opposition rally in Kira Municipality

As early as 6am on Friday morning, the police and army had deployed at Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda at Bukasa in Kira Municipality near Kampala.

Ssemujju who also doubles as the Chief Opposition Whip in Parliament planned to host MPs from both the NRM and Opposition who voted against the amendment of the constitution to remove presidential age limits.

The MPs were to have lunch at Ssemujju’s house and plant a tree before moving to a public rally.

Ssemujju prepares for the planting of ‘heroic’ tree in his compound

The rally at Bweyogerere in Ssemujju’s Kira Municipality was meant to be the third public rally since the MPs under the Parliamentary Forum on Human Rights, Rule of Law and Constitutionalism launched the countrywide campaign against President Yoweri Museveni’s dominance of Uganda’s politics.

The deployments increased, and it became evident that he would not be allowed to live his home.

Ssemujju watches the army men and the police from the balcony of his house

Soon, he was joined by his colleagues MPs who didn’t find it easy to enter the FDC spokesman’s house.

Opposition MPs surrounded by the army and police outside Ssemujju’s home

After some haggling with the armed men, the MPs were let in.

MPs dance on arrival at Ssemujju’s house

They later planted a mango fruit tree to “thank” him for voting against the lifting the presidential age limits.

The MPs after planting a tree at Ssemujju’s house

They later addressed a crowd that had gathered outside Ssemujju’s gate from atop the MP’s perimeter wall.

Youths dare the army with People power slogans
Soldiers walk past a group of youths camped outside Ssemujju’s house