Police makes Shs 2.5bn in single-year gun rentals

The number of Ugandans approaching the Uganda Police Force with requests for guns has risen with growing numbers of people fearing for their lives.

The good side to this is that it has boosted the police’s non-tax revenue collections with more than Shs 2.5bn collected during the 2017/2018 financial year when cases of assassination heightened.

According to the quarterly budget performance report for the financial years 2017/18 and 2018/19, the Police recorded revenue collections worth Shs 21.9bn of which  Shs 1.5bn was collected from licensing of firearms while firearm rentals fetched  Shs 1.1bn.

The number of Ugandans acquiring guns like this is on the increase

The Shs 1.5bn is almost three times the amount that had been projected to be collected from firearm licensing.  Police had a projected to collect Shs502m but made a shortage of Shs 800m of the money it had projected to get from hiring out guns. The projection was at Shs 1.9bn.

The force made no projections for finger print fees but collected Shs 462m, plus more than Shs 2.6bn from applicants for certificate of good conduct.

Through sale of government vehicles and plants, the Force made Shs 255m while deployment of police guards at banks fetched Shs 1.4bn.

Ugandans seeking the services of police escorts paid Shs 98m while Shs 227m was paid in fees for traffic accident reports.