Lira CAO fails to account for Akii-Bua stadium funds

Before Parliament’s committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE), the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mark Tivu found a tough time in accounting for Shs 665m meant for the reconstruction of Akii-Bua stadium.

Tivu told the committee that Shs 276m had been used to compensate encroachers on the stadium land.

Tivu who appeared before the committee with officials from
the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as Lira District Local Government officials also told the MPs that another Shs 400m was used to clear, grade and level the wetland where the stadium is meant to be constructed.

“The place had to be grades, levelled and compacted and ring roads had to be opened around the stadium, there was a tent to be built. It was land donated by Lira district. This land wasn’t being used, it was virgin, during the insurgency, people came across and settled on that land,” Tivu said.

He further reported that they had constructed a temporary pavilion and a latrine, although all these works were
undertaken in absence of an architectural design for the Shs1bn stadium project.

Rubaga North MP Moses Kasibante put the blame on the Ministry of Education and Sports that he said had hijacked the mandate of the National Council of Sports (NCS) which has the responsibility of developing national sports facilities.

State Minister of Sports Charles Bakkabulindi interacts with Lira district officials at Parliament

Kasibante said, the mess surrounding
Akki-Bua stadium is because the works were not being done by experts in
the field, who are ideally meant to be staff of NCS.

Last week, Tivu told journalists that the district had only received Shs 300m which was spent on clearing the 12-acre, site which involved uprooting trees, levelling the ground, opening boundaries and access roads, draining the swamp, construction of a pit latrine and the construction of a 200-seater pavilion.

A day later, the Ministry of Education under secretary, Aggrey Kibenge insisted that Lira received Shs 665m which was disbursed in instalments of Shs 400m in the 2015/2016 financial year.

Another Shs 175m was disbursed in the 2016/2017 financial year and Shs 90m in the 2017/2018 financial year.