Muntu embarks on process of registering new party

Nearly two months after he formally broke away from Forum for Democratic Change  (FDC), Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu is in advanced stages of registering his group as a political party.

The group; New Formation was announced on September 25, and right away began to quietly recruit members especially from FDC, the party that Muntu led as president.

On Thursday, the New Formation founder members met at Nsambya Youth Sharing Hall in Kampala to discuss their party’s draft constitution.

“We are in the process of starting a new political party. It is not a break-off or a spin off from any existing ones, but a new outfit altogether,” Muntu said in his address.

The meeting was convened days after some 63 FDC leaders in Ankole announced their departure from Uganda’s biggest opposition party to join Muntu’s group.

The development earned Muntu sharp criticism from FDC which blamed him for recruiting from his former party instead of looking elsewhere.

Muntu answered his critics in his address to the New Formation founder members.

This is a natural consequence of starting something new. Today, all active political parties have leaders and members that were once aligned with other formations or even independent. And so, we are starting a new political organisation,” Muntu said.

Ambassador Edith Ssempala speaking during the New Formation founder members’ meeting

He said that none of the New Formation’s founder members is expected to lay greater claim to the new political party than those who will join from other political parties or  were previously independent or uninvolved in

“There cannot be a sense of entitlement here. As someone that was involved in the bush war, I know how easy it is to feel a sense of entitlement. I also know how destructive that feeling can be, not just to the building of a sense of unity but also to the individual’s sensitivity towards democratic processes,” he said.

“We start this party with on equal footing with everyone else because our intention is to create a value-based organisation. Since independence, most of the parties we have had were formed around individuals, religion and coalitions whose major intent was to capture power using whatever means necessary,” Muntu added.

Muntu said that the New Formation must be a party that subscribes to the idea that sustainable political leadership can only be achieved through institutionalisation and not personification.