KCCA receives Shs 3.7bn waste recycling plant

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jennifer Musisi has received the World Bank funded waste recycling plant constructed at plot M880 Bugoloobi near Kampala.

The plant was contructed more than Shs 3.77bn under the Lake Victoria Environment management project implemented by the Ministry of Water and Environment.

Musisi noted that the recycling plant provides an opportunity for KCCA to make some money out of the waste in Kampala.

“We generate a lot of garbage in the city – over 730 tons per day and a lot of it is dumped indiscriminately; we spend over Shs 6.5bn a year as KCCA on managing waste which we are going to save with this plant,” Musisi said.

The plant will be used to recycle both plastic and organic waste especially from food stuffs, collected from the city divisions.

KCCA has set up plastic collection center in different divisions where local people can sell plastics to KCCA.

The plant has installed equipment where waste shall be sorted, shredded, compressed and made into chips. These can then be organized into bulk materials

“So we have a bailer here, the shredder that is going to prepare the plastic to go to the recycling factories to be made into other products used the making of heavy duty pipes, basins, electricity ducts and water tanks,” Musisi said.

The plant also consists of a breeding section for black soldier flies whose larvae will be used in production of oil used in manufacturing cosmetic products.

The recycled organic waste material will also be recycled and processed to produce organic manure and animal feeds.

The deputy director in charge of Public Health and Environment at KCCA Dr Najiib Lukooya said that the plant will reduce the amount of waste that goes into Lake Victoria.

“We are diverting this waste that would contaminate our lakes into materials that also have economic value” explained Lukooya.