Gen Sejusa: Has the UPDF got criminal gangs?

Former coordinator of Intelligence services Gen David Sejusa has raised doubts on the possibility that the unidentified gunmen who brutalised Yusuf Kawooya on Colville street in Kampala last week, belong to the UPDF.

“They can’t be officers of Uganda People’s Defence Forces,” Gen Sejusa stated in an engagement with his Twitter followers.

A video recording by Record TV went viral within hours of the brutal arrest, attracting wide condemnation of the actions of the security men.

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) on Saturday released images of men on handcuffs appearing before a Unit disciplinary court at Mbuya army barracks where the men, before Col Tom Kabuye, the men pleaded guilty to charges of Conduct prejudicial to the good order and discipline of Defence forces contrary to Section 172 (1) and (2) of the UPDF Act.

The armed men emerged from a commuter taxi, pounced on Kawooya whom they hit with butts of their guns, dragged him on the tarmac before whisking him away.

“Hope Museveni’s cameras can show the faces of those “armed men”! When atrocities are state inspired, how will cameras be of use?” Sejusa wondered.

Sejusa who was part of the NRA rebel outfit that brought the NRM government to power more than 32 years ago before commanding a ruthless operation against Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in northern Uganda, described Kawooya’s arrest as heartless.

Yusuf Kawooya (on ground) during his brutal arrest

“Most distressing though is, the surrender of the population,” Sejusa said.

The decorated bush war hero questions why the army norm that requires suspects before the court martial to appear in uniform was not respected.

“I highly doubt that they are regular UPDF soldiers! Perhaps some auxiliary force hired to commit crime? It is standard practice when charging UPDF personnel, names, unit and service numbers are read out. I didn’t hear these! Can these bandits be under regular command? How?” Sejusa wondered.

Sejusa who is fell out with the government urged Kawooya’s lawyers to task the UPDF leadership to give all the details about the gun wielding operatives.

“Lawyers should ask for their full service record. It’s one thing managing an indisciplined army but it’s quite another thing dealing with an illegal militia force bearing arms with no designated structure of command or control! Those can’t be soldiers!” Sejusa stated.