Advising Museveni is not my job – VP Ssekandi

In 2012, almost a year after his appointment as Uganda’s second in command, Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi became a subject of public scrutiny given that there wasn’t much he was seen to be doing.

In a newspaper article published at the time by The Observer, Ssekandi was said to be “struggling to find work and most times redundant.”

The same perception has continued of Ssekandi, seven years since he became President Yoweri Museveni’s number two.

This week on Twitter, Ssekandi, who seems to have picked an interest in the social media platform was engaged by some Ugandans who castigated him for only settling for the ceremonial role, instead of using his position to advise his boss.

The criticism followed a tweet by Ssekandi about his visit to the Vatican where he led a delegation from Uganda to attend the Canonisation mass of Pope Paul VI.

In his tweet, Ssekandi attached a photo of him with Pope Francis which triggered comments from tweeps.

Josephine Ninsiima tweeted asking Ssekandi, “Your only purpose is to represent Ugandans on functions. When will you ever make yourself as Vice President and advise your brother Kaguta Museveni on the right path to take and on all the wrong decisions his making?”

Ssekandi responded by referring Ninsiima to Article 108 of the Constitution.
“Thanks for your advise. You will observe however, that Article 108 of the constitution clearly stipulates the role of a Vice President.”

The position of Vice President was established under Article 108 which also spells out the duties and functions of the office holder.

Under Article 108(a) the Vice President has to deputise the President as and when the need arises.

In the joining clause, the Article requires the Vice President to perform such other functions as may be assigned to him or her by the President, or as may be conferred on him or her by the Constitution.

Ninsiima was not done as she asked him whether the same constitution prevents him from speaking against some excesses.
“Does the constitution insist while you stipulate some roles, you ignore those that require immediate attention and your input. You have never addressed anything on the serial killers, nor violence or torture in the economy.” Ninsiima tweeted.

Another tweep, Arthur Mukiibi, joined in, cheekily telling Ninsiima to leave Ssekandi.

“Omusajja wa Mukama bwomuvwako, (why don’t you leave the man of God) cut him some slack.” Mukiibi tweeted.