Cabinet approves Shs 32.7bn for Bududa victims

Cabinet on Monday approved a proposal to release Shs 32.75 bn to facilitate the relocation of 6,300 people affected by the Bududa landslides.

The decision followed President Yoweri Museveni’s visit to the mountainous district on Sunday following last week’s landslides that claimed 43 lives and destroyed five villages in Bukalasi Sub County.

Government estimates indicate that more than 12,000 people had been affected prompting a directive for the immediate release funds to facilitate the resettlement of 6,300 people in the 900 households.

Government bought 2,860 acres of land in Bulambuli where each of the households is going be facilitated to get a double roomed house.

Disaster preparedness minister Musa Ecweru addressing the press on Tuesday 16th.

The state minister for Disaster Preparedness Musa Ecweru told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre that each of the households will get a 2.5 acres piece of land which will however have a 25-year caveat which will make it impossible to sell off the land within that period.

According to the plan, each household will receive 30 pieces of iron sheets, 50 bags of cement and 20,000 bricks and sand for a double roomed house.

Ecweru said that those who accept to be relocated shall have to surrender their land in Bududa, so that the National Enviromental Management Authority (NEMA) can plant in trees.