Bududa landslide death toll reaches 25

At least 25 people have been confirmed dead following Thursday’s landslides that destroyed about five villages in Bukalasi Sub County, Bududa district.

Locals assess the damage caused by the landslides

According the Minister for Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Hillary Onek, by the fall of darkness, 25 bodies had been recovered, some from as far as Manafa.

Some of the casualties are pupils at a local primary school who were trapped in their classrooms.

About 100 houses were swept away after River Suume burst its banks, drowning a number of people.

Fast running waters pulled down trees and rocks from the slopes of Mountain Elgon that hit houses within the river’s course.

“As of now, 90 to 100 families are homeless after their houses were razed to the ground,” said Wilson Watila, the Bududa LC-V chairman.

Watila said, parts of the Sub County had been cut off after the waters washed away bridges.

Roads have been cut off


A police advance rescue team has been dispatched to assess the magnitude of the disaster.

Relatives of the victims are camping at Bukalasi police station where bodies of the dead are being collected.

Bukalasi is the same area which was affected by the 2010 landslides.