Museveni commissions Kampala CCTV camera project

Inside the command and control centre at the newly constructed Nateete Police Station, President Yoweri Museveni was given a demonstration of how the $104m (Shs 390bn) CCTV camera project will operate.

Despite a few glitches, Museveni was visibly happy that the project, that he hopes will end crime in Kampala, is finally coming to fruition.

Museveni at the CCTV camera command centre at Nateete Police Station

Museveni ordered the installation of CCTV cameras at the height of mysterious murders that targeted high profile personalities notably, some more than 20 Muslim clerics, Principal state attorney Joan Kagezi, Maj Muhammad Kiggudu, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and most recently ASP Muhammad Kirumira.

“Initially, I hadn’t concetrated on this issue but when the Sheikhs were killed, then Joan Kagezi, Kaweesi and Kiggundu, that is when I (woke up)…The issue was simple, we needed to quickly recognise the criminals, that is when I ordered that let’s go modern in the towns,” Museveni told journalists outside Nateete Police Station.

The president said that while it is easy to trace criminals using the old methods, the are not alert which called for the installation of the cameras with which he can effectively monitor the work of the police from the comfort of State House.

Museveni said, crime in the city shoot up following the defeat of rebel groups like the ADF that were operating in the rural areas.

“The enemy in his stupidity shifted to urban centres, and in towns, they are using very shallow tactics which is mainly hiding in boda bodas, hiding in the population…” Museveni said.

He blamed the problem on the lack of alertness on the part of the police and other security agencies.

“They were also taking advantage of of lack of alertness. We are not alert, we are busy doing our own things, we are not concentrating,” Museveni said.

About 900 CCTV cameras have been installed around Kampala by Chinese IT giants Huawei under the Uganda Police National CCTV Network Expansion Project.