Nakasongola records 20% fall in child marriages cases

There is a recorded fall in the number of underage girls who are forced into early marriages in Nakasongola district.

According to Margaret Komuhangi, the Nakasongola Woman MP, district statistics show that the cases have fallen from 68% to 48% over the past one year.

“Together with the World Vision and the leadership we have fought to reduce the occurrence of early child marriages in the district from 68% to 48%,” Komuhangi said.

She was on Saturday speaking at the fundraising for a nursery and daycare center at St. James Church of Uganda, Kakooge in Nakasongola which was presided over by the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

Komuhangi attributed the high cases of early marriages in the district on the high school drop out rates, urging parents to strive and keep their children in school instead of marrying them off.

“If your child drops out of school because of marriage then they will never be successful enabling the vicious cycle of poverty,” Komuhangi said.

Kadaga welcomed in Nakasongola by the Bishop Eridad Nsubuga of Luweero diocese and other leaders.

Speaking at the function, Kadaga commended the district leadership for stepping up efforts to end early child marriages.

Kadaga said that early child marriages had become a common practice that is unacceptable because it denies children the chance to smoothly complete their studies.

“I have encouraged including daycares in all new markets set up throughout the country. I also came up with the idea of the daycare and we had the first of its kind at Parliament but I was criticised yet mothers who are staff would come and breastfeed their children in their cars,” Kadaga said.

She encouraged students to embrace vocational training because not all of them can do white collar jobs.

“With vocational training you start earning while you are studying to horn your skills, be it metal or wood work as opposed to someone going through the conventional mode of school,” Kadaga said.