Lack of a listening ear in FDC forced Muntu out – Aol

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament (LOP) Betty Ocan Aol believes that the current split in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) could have been avoided if the party leadership had an ear that listens to dissenting views.

Answering questions from journalists and social media users during a live Twitter chat organised by Parliament’s directorate of Communications and Public Affairs (CPA) Ocan said Mugisha Muntu’s walk out on FDC was hurting to the party, and should have been avoided.

“I think the New Formation is hurting to the strength of FDC, if one person only leaves, it is also a gap, but very many will leave and that will create a gap,” Ocan said.

“In politics or organization, there should be a listening ear, if we listen, we try to adjust. Probably there was no mechanism to help when some people had that dissenting voice,” the Gulu Woman MP said.

She said, the mechanisms that were previously used to solve internal contradictions within FDC such as the elders council and the disciplinary committee had become inactive because some members had taken a back step from the party activities.

Asked about the opposition leadership in Parliament, Ocan revealed plans to name a new shadow cabinet in November once Parliament reconvenes from the Independence recess.

She spoke of the troubles she has had putting together the shadow cabinet with some of the people she had thought of declining outrightly.

Ocan said that while most FDC MPs are allied to former party president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu whether she would two weeks quit the party, there are some that have agreed to cooperate with her.

“The work of Parliament isn’t the work of Muntu or Besigye but it is the people’s work because I have those who seem to be pro-Muntu who are totally in agreement in doing Parliament work and working together very well. If there are people who aren’t willing, we will not force them,” Ocan said.

Since her appointment on August 3, she has been having a tough time in keeping the shadow cabinet together after the majority of the cabinet members abandoned their duties immediately Winnie Kiiza was replaced.