NRM ‘rebel’ MPs may join Muntu’s group

The 27 NRM MPs that voted against last year’s amendment of the constitution to remove the presidential age limits have indicated that they may join former FDC President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu’s new political force.

Manjiya County MP, John Baptist Nambeshe told journalists at Parliament that a number of NRM MPs that are seen by the party leadership as rebels are considering working with Muntu’s the New Formation pressure group to cause a regime change.

The threat appears to be out of frustration that the party leadership continues to sideline them in various party activities since the December 20, 2017 vote on the Constitutional Amendment Bill that was christened Age Limit Bill.

On Monday, President Yoweri Museveni invited NRM MPs for a caucus meeting at State House Entebbe to discuss the “Mobile Money Tax” which come up again for debate in Parliament on Tuesday.

Like has been the case with the previous caucus meetings, the ‘rebel’ MPs were not invited.

“Indeed I couldn’t have been invited for the NRM caucus having been ejected forcefully by none other than the Chairperson of the party (President Yoweri Museveni) at the time when he was aggressively championing the removal of presidential age limits from the constitution,” Nambeshe said.

“I was ejected and since then, those of us who were ejected are never invited to attend those meetings and as a disciplined party member, I cannot gate crush those meetings, I have nothing virtually to lose,” he added.

Like a host of FDC MPs that are said to be planning a walk out of FDC in the last year of this Parliament, Nambeshe said that the NRM ‘rebel’ MPs are also planning the same.

“We are also waiting for the right time [to walk out of NRM], that is why people should not misunderstand me when you see me identifying with Gen Mugisha Muntu in his New Formation. I was there to ensure that we [NRM ‘rebel’ MPs] are also moving from where we have been isolated as NRM members so that we move from isolation to cooperation,” Nambehse said.

Nambeshe was among the 11 MPs that attended the media launch of Muntu’s new political force at Hotel Africana on Thursday last week and he says that his cooperation will not be limited to Muntu.

“You will see me cooperating with People Power of Robert Kyagulanyi, I will be cooperating with Muntu, with the likes of Mao,” Nambeshe said, but ruled out the option of working with UPC that he said is already in bed with the ruling party.

“UPC is already NRM, because even the wife of the party president [Lands minister Betty Amongi] was the one confusing us here over the Mobile Money Bill and she has so many charges of misappropriating funds and also looting every piece of land she finds in Kampala,” Nambeshe said.