FDC spokesman: We will miss Muntu

Despite the attacks and harsh criticism from a section of the FDC party diehards against former party president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, the party’s spokesman Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says the party will miss its former president.

Addressing the weekly FDC press conference at Najjanankumbi in Kampala, Ssemujji said that the party will miss Muntu and all the other party members that have chose to leave FDC and join Muntu.

He however asked the party members choosing to go with Muntu to be bold enough and declare where they stand for the party to avoid fence sitters.

“We want to invite our colleagues who are still part of the opposition not to stand on the fence. So the moment you are not in the FDC you announce you are not in FDC so that we can fill that position and use it and we don’t have offices that are not working,” Ssemujju said.

Despite the split, Ssemujju said, FDC remains a strong party and will continue the fight against government.

He said, FDC has in the past lost a number of members, some to natural causes like death, but yet the party still managed to exist and execute its duties.

“The FDC is an organisation that continues to grow but we are also aware that at a certain stage, some of our leaders will depart, so people will be joining and leaving FDC through natural causes, disagreements… while we will miss Muntu and those who will go with him, those of us who will remain, we will continue focusing all our energies on removing Museveni,” said Ssemujju

Gen Muntu last week announced a new political pressure group – the New Formation ending his rocky relationship with FDC, a party that he helped to found, and later on led as president.

Muntu explained his departure to have been a result of irreconcilable differences in strategy.

Ssemujju said that despite his departure, FDC is ready to work with Muntu.

“We have been working with everybody who is pulling to the same direction. Even when we have an FDC government, it will be a government of everybody who is in Uganda. There is no way you will say, I am not going to work with anyone. Maybe you will cut out a territory and go and live there” Ssemujju said.