I can lead the struggle – Bobi Wine

Before thousands of ecstatic supporters at Masaka Liberation Square, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine announced his readiness to lead the opposition forces into the 2021 elections.

This was Kyagulanyi’s first political rally since August 13 when he was brutally arrested with 33 other opposition supporters in Arua.

The police and the military deployed heavily once word spread that Kyagulanyi was among the politicians to address the DP re-union meeting.

The police had wanted to prevent the celebrity MP from making a process but were overwhelmed by a big crowd that waited to receive that the best the police personnel could do was to clear the way for him.


A multitudes of people welcoming Bobi Wine for the DP reunion in Masaka

“I am ready to offer myself to lead but I can’t do it alone, we have to work together with you the ordinary people and other political leaders,” Kyagulanyi said to a ululating crowd.

He took time telling his audience about the People Power revolution urging them not to look at as one man’s idea.

“And to those asking about our program, our agenda, this is not a question they should expect one man to answer but one that will be responded to collectively as a group,” Kyagulanyi said.

This he said after DP president Norbert Mao had told the crowd not to consider People Power as merely a political slogan.

“It is not simply a slogan, you have to believe in it. Don’t look at Bobi Wine and think that he can go it alone, we need each other, we need to work together,” Mao said.

Ex DP president Paul Ssemwogerere exchanges pleasantries with Bobi Wine.



Former FDC president Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu expressed willingness to work with different political actors towards a change of government at the next general elections.

“I used to tell my former comrades in FDC that it is not enough to have a good driver when you don’t have the necessary infrastructure. I told them that we needed to understand the course of our struggle and be well prepared,” Muntu said.
Several other opposition politicians addressed the gathering that went on till 7:30pm.