FDC – Muntu divorce: What politicians say

The shock announcement of Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu’s departure from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has brought mixed feelings within Uganda’s political class.

Muntu announced that he had quit Uganda’s biggest opposition party following a series of consultative meetings he held across the country – which he says informed his decision to exit the party.

His short announcement was followed by a lengthy statement that explains the reasons for his departure.
We sought out the views of some political leaders.

Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, FDC Secretary General

FDC Party is called Forum for Democratic Change, it is for democracy and everybody is free to do what they want according to the law.  Anyway, I haven’t heard if Muntu has left, if it is true he has left, it is his decision. It isn’t a party decision.

We as FDC, a party is moving on, our job is to moblise the country to recruit more members and continue so that we are a Party that is formed to take power. We aren’t here to chase anybody, people are go on their own accord.

If Muntu went to stand hoping he is the only one, then, that was wrong and when Amuriat won, did Gen. Muntu want Amuriat to hand it over to him that since you have won. Let me hand it over to you, no.

I heard that he was starting consultations over the country, which consultations when you have been President, which you should have done.

That shows that there must have been another interest of Gen. Muntu apart from being the member of the party.

So for those members who are saying they are leaving the party, well, it is their own wish, as a party, we are saying we need all members, but it is free entry, free exit.

Paul Mwiru – Deputy FDC spokesman

It is a statement which culminates from the consultations made. I want to make a position after looking at the issues raised because he said the statement will be preceded by the details of what informs his decision.

Frank Tumwebaze – Minister for ICT and Information

Though I have no business with FDC internal politics, I respect Gen Mugisha Muntu our disagreements notwithstanding, for rejecting comedy and political theatrics. The political class must reject diversionary politics of hooliganism. Let’s contest on ideas and keep it civil.