We are not in rush to form structures – Bobi Wine

At his first press conference since returning from the US where he had gone for specialised treatment, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine took a swipe at President Yoweri Museveni over the increased acts of brutality by the armed forces.

The musician turned politician addressed the press from his Magere home in Wakiso district, three days after his ecstatic supporters clashed with security forces that were determined to break up any welcome parties for the legislator.

Bringing back memories of his driver Yasin Kawuma who was shot dead in Arua on August 13 the day Bobi Wine was brutally arrested with 33 other, the pop star told the Ugandan president that his praise of the atrocious conduct of the armed forces is disappointing.

“Instead of calling your troops to order- the same troops which have murdered Ugandans and tortured me and others to near death, you have patted them on the back and thanked them for a job well done. Would I be wrong to say that these violations are sanctioned by you?” Bobi Wine wondered.

“President Museveni, how does it feel when you keep your boots on the necks of your people? The way we are brutalized does not represent a grandfather to me. Grand parents are people we always run to for love, for care. But that is not you,” the MP said.

Bobi Wine

He told the president to respect the rights of his political opponents, having in mind time he (Museveni) will be out of power.

“How quickly did you forget that the regimes of the past described you and the guerillas you led in the 80s as bandits and lumpens? Respect the rights of the people because just like them, you too was once not in power, and you will not be in power forever. Treat Ugandans the way you would love to be treated,” Bobi Wine said.

“Be a statesman. Concern yourself not with the next election but with the next generation which is demanding for freedom. I hope you can redeem yourself before it is too late. As things stand, history may treat you worse than Uganda’s past leaders who you like to disparage,” he added.

Responding to challenges of his “People Power” movement having no established structures, Bobi Wine said that he, and his colleagues behind the movement are not in a hurry to establish structures.

“People Power is not Bobi Wine. It is not about me or anyone else. People Power is not a political organization- at least not now. People Power is an idea! It is the idea that all power belongs to the people as guaranteed by Article 1 of our Constitution,” the MP said.

Bobi Wine supporters from luweero donate to him gifts in form of food stuffs.

He said, his group had taken on the duty of enlightening the citizenry about the Constitution, a duty that he said, the state abdicated.

“What we are doing is simply to remind the citizens of this nation that all power belongs to them, and not to the President, any soldier nor minister. We are raising the consciousness of the people who have been stepped on for such a long time, and turned into slaves in their own country. So far we are succeeding,” he said.