Museveni explains UPDF deployment on Kampala streets

President Yoweri Museveni has defended the deployment of UPDF soldiers on Kampala streets to deal with law and order management in the city.

Addressing a press conference at State House Entebbe, the second in a week, Museveni said that the deployment of the army was necessitated by the thin number of police personnel.

“The police numbers are not yet enough, by global standards, there should at least one policeman for every 500 people. We should now be having a police force of 80,000 now yet we have 43,000 personnel,” Museveni said.

This particular press conference was called to discuss the security situation in the country.

Museveni regretted the recent spate of murders in the country but said that without panic, government will get to the core of criminal gangs.

“I’m annoyed and pained by the unnecessary death of Ugandans but I’m confident that we shall be able to curb crime. I know that we are capable of responding. The pigs that have decided to shed the blood of innocent people have only themselves to blame when we catch them,” Museveni said.

A week back, Museveni told journalists that he had ordered the redeployment of Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel in Kampala and Wakiso districts.

Government will spend more than Shs 57bn to maintain the planned 24,000 LDUs.

“The LDU is not a new force. They are the reserves of the army. If necessary we shall deploy them while cameras are still being installed to curb crime. Pigs will have themselves to blame for the blood of innocent victims that they have killed,” Museveni said.

Museveni said, the planned security measures would within nine months make Kampala one of the safest, smarter and cleaner cities.

He however castigated his intelligence services for ignoring vital information from the public.

“Intelligence officers ignore vital information from local people which can provide essential clues in detecting crime, and this is a very big mistake. When they give you information, it is upon the police officer to sieve through,” Museveni said.

He blamed part of the problem in the police on criminal elements that he said had infiltrated the force.