Rage as Muslims pray for Uganda’s peace

As Jumah prayers concluded at several mosques around the country, youths distributed red t-shirts with inscriptions of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s slogan “People Power” bringing about tension as responded to a call by Mufti Shaikh Shaban Ramathan Mubaje for nationwide prayers in the wake of a deteriorating security situation in the country.

Sheikh Mubaje called for the prayers on Sunday, September 9, while leading a funeral prayer from the slain former Buyende District Police Commander (DPC) ASP Muhammad Kirumira.
Kirumira was gunned down on September 8 at Bulenga in Wakiso district by unknown assailants.

At Old Kampala, Sheikh Mubaje prayed for the Muslims who have killed mysteriously over the past years, those currently in prisoned and others who were tortured while on remand.

“The main concern is our sheikhs who were murdered, and their murderers are not yet known. There also the non-Muslims, and other Ugandans who have been killed mysteriously, that is the reason we are here,” Mubaje said.

Mubaje had no kind words for the government that he said in unfairly treating Muslims.

He said he had visited imprisoned Muslims on Thursday including Bodaboda 2010 patron Abdallah Kitatta and got shocked when he discovered that Muslims make up the biggest number of inmates – the majority being youths aged between 15 and 25 years. He demanded that the several Muslims on remand be treated justly and fairly.

“I promised that we could visit our fellows in prisons and I announcement a nationwide prayer for them and those who were killed. We also pray for those whose lives are at risk, those receiving threatening message. This has not spared Members of Parliament and Ministers. As religious leaders, what we can do is call on God the
Almighty” said Mubaje.

In his Friday sermon, the deputy Imam of the National Mosque Sheikh Ali Juma Shiwuyo castigated the judicial system that he said was unfair to Muslims.

“Let us be confident that God shall save us in these trying times as we ask government to be just and fair to the Muslims. It is disheartening that court set someone free, and while his relatives and friends waiting in jubilation, he gets re-arrested the moment he steps outside court. Where is the justice? Do we then have to interpret that there is a stronger arm enforcing justice?” wondered Sheikh Shiwuyo.

In Mbarara, a group of Muslim youths camped outside Masjid Jamia donning red t-shirts also expressed similar sentiments against the government.

The youths were led by DP Vice chairman for Western Uganda Immam Makumbi.