Contractors handover women fertility hospital

The Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has a received the Mulago specialized women and neonatal hospital that has been under construction since 2013.

The 7 storeyed facility was constructed by an Egyptian firm, Osman Ahmed Osman contractor at a cost of $ 47m (Shs 170bn) from a loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

Accompanied by ministers Frank Tumwebaze (ICT), Sarah Opendi (State for Health), Musa Echweru (State for Disaster Preparedness), Jane Ruth Aceng (Health) and Matia Kasaija (Finance), Rugunda first took a tour around the hospital before officially receiving the keys to the facility.

He appreciated the work done by the contractors at the is a state of the art facility that he said is a model on the continent.

The hospital shall be able to handle referral cases even from across the continent.

“This is a state of the art facility. Some of the equipment we have seen is being installed for the first time on the continent. So, Uganda, without any doubt, in terms of medical facilities, for mothers and also new borns, is a leader in this respect,” Rugunda said.

The hospital is designed to accommodate 450 patients each with one attendant.

Prime Minister receiving Mulago Specialized women and neonatal hospital

Speaking at the event, Aceng said, the hospital has 5 areas of specialty namely, Aural gynecology services, addressing the issue of the urinary area, the reproductive truck, gynecology oncology – the cancers that affect the reproductive areas of a woman.

Other areas include, reproductive health and fetal maternal medicine, which include the invital fertilisation as well as services for pregnant mothers with complications.

The facility has a well-stocked threatre and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for both mothers and babies.

It also has been stocked with Nitrous oxide that can be mixed with oxygen and inhaled by patients who cannot support themselves with the natural respiratory system.

The hospital is all piped to enable the Nitrous oxide and oxygen to be pumped directly to the patients at their beds without using an oxygen cylinder.

There is also a Laboratory where urinal tests and cancer screenings can be conducted.

Paul Kabanga, a Laboratory Technologist says that the equipment installed has the ability to deliver results within minutes different from when some results could take longer when laboratory technicians used strips to carryout urinal test something they say was time costing.

The new technology can give a two day results in just minutes and the results are more accurate and trusted.

“In this lab you have all the bio-chemistry, you can do the test of the heart, anemias, you can do the cancers of the blood, you can do all the urinary problems. We have all the fertility done here” explained Kabanga.