Government to spend Shs 57bn on Wakiso, Kampala LDUs

The weekend murder of policeman ASP Muhammad Kirumira has forced President Yoweri Museveni to direct for the recruitment of 24,000 local defence unit (LDU) personnel, to man security in Kampala and Wakiso districts.

Museveni told journalists at State House Entebbe that he had summoned the security sub-committee which agreed to recall members of the reserve force.

“I have ordered for limited mobilisation of 24,000 LDUs for Kampala, Wakiso areas. Reserves will man trading centers. This will cost Shs 57bn for a year till cameras are installed,” Museveni said.

“I am calling up reserves to fill up the gap temporarily. Then use technology, because the camera does not need breakfast, housing, technology is cost saving” he added.

Museveni directed for the installation of CCTV cameras about 18 months ago following the assassination of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi in March 2017.

Museveni hopes that this will solve the challenge of growing criminality in the country.
Many of the cases especially high profile murders have not been successfully prosecuted.

Although some arrests were made, there are some suspects that Museveni said are still on the run.
He also said that the police can perform better once technology is embraced.

“It calls for use of up to date security measures like; fingerprinting of guns, street cameras,UAVs (drones), border scanners,forensics; once we start implementing this, total security will be restored,” Museveni said.

Citing the case of the June 8 murder of former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga plus Kirumira’s assassination at weekend, Museveni said that it would have been easy to apprehend the killers.

“The people including retired soldiers saw Abiriga’s killers but because they were not armed, they couldn’t respond. That was the case with Kirumira. At least the boda bodas in Bulenga put up a chase upto Mile 9 when the killers shot in the air,” Museveni said, adding, “we shall flood all Kampala villages with our manpower. Our guns are coming to respond to guns of criminals. We shall see which have more effect.”