Jeje Odong, Kayima chased from Kirumira funeral

Internal Affairs Minister Gen Jeje Odong and police spokesman Emilian Kayima found a tough time as mourners chased them from the burial ceremony of slain policeman ASP Muhammad Kirumira.

Kirumira who was gunned down on Saturday at Bulenga in Wakiso district was buried on Sunday at Mpambire in Mpigi district.

Clad in a black Islamic tunic, Odong arrived for the burial at 4:20pm, three minutes earlier that Kayima who was clad in his full police uniform.

Kayima’s arrival turned the fortunes against Odong who had been allowed to sit amongst other mourners under the tents.

Calls for all uniformed police officers to leave started – this meant that even Odong’s guards had to leave. As the calls grew stronger, Odong was also to leave the venue.

The minister and his subordinate looked hapless as the agitation for their departure grew. They later yielded to pressure and left the venue.
Some threw stones at Odong and Kayima as they left.


Apart from Old Kampala Mosque where Kirumira’s body was first taken for burial, police and the army deployed heavily at Bulenga and Mpambire.

Armed soldiers and police personnel as well as a kiboko squad of plain clothed personnel manned both venues.

From Old Kampala Mosque, Kirumira’s body was taken to his home at Bulenga causing serious traffic delays as security personnel closed this major highway leading to Mityana and the tourist destination districts of Kabarole and Kasese.

Water cannons, police APCs and other teargas gear were deployed but this did not deter boda boda cyclists and other seemingly opposition supporters to accompany the body.

Some wore red headbands and t-shirts chanting People Power, our power in addition to other anti-government slogans.