Government skips Kirumira funeral at Old Kampala Mosque

The slain Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Muhammad Kirumira could have been among the commissioned officers of the police whose brutal murder shocked the country.

Unlike the previous murders where government officials attend funeral prayers for its slain officials, there was none at Old Kampala Mosque where Kirumira’s body was taken for the funeral prayers.

This gave chance to FDC icon Dr Kizza Besigye to seize the opportunity to address hundreds of mourners that turned up for the Islamic funeral prayer.

“Kirumira has been one of fighters for justice, his death should not make us lose focus but continue to demand for a just society,” Besigye said.

The Mufti Sheikh Shaban Mubaje spoke against injustices committed against Muslims, noting the killing of key Muslim figures.

“We’ve lost very many people, even AIGP Kaweesi and we shall not forget them. But the big question is, why is it that the biggest number of murders happens to muslims? We need truth to be given priority, not treated like trash,” Mubaje said.

Mubaje said, the current spate of killings was defeating to the reason the current government went to the bush in the 1980s.

“Ugandans have been saying they can now sleep. But we are now seeing blood has started to spill. Question is; what went wrong? We need justice and equality, we need government to rule with equal rights to everyone, especially towards Muslims,” Mubaje.

Mubaje called for nationwide prayers next Friday for the Muslim community to Allah to prevail over the current situation in the country.