Nadduli: Army, police are Museveni’s worst enemies

Hajji Abdul Nadduli, the Minister without Portfolio wants his boss, President Yoweri Museveni to investigate the security forces’ commanders that he says have turned into the biggest liabilities to the NRM government.

Addressing journalists at Parliament on Thursday, Nadduli the current events in the country could be avoided if the security forces cared about the country’s security.

“The real enemies of the government are not those in opposition, the real enemies; the ones with a hidden agenda are those who are close to the president…” Nadduli said.

Nadduli says that the president needs to investigate the actions of his army and police commanders.
“They are the ones that react against him. If he (Museveni) wants to know (who his real enemies are), he should start with his commanders and ask who authorised those poor actions,” Nadduli said.

He singled out the attack on journalists which he said gave the country bad publicity.
“Attacks on journalists are intended to cause anger, there are elements within the security forces that want the population to turn against the government,” Nadduli said.