NRM sweeps national women council elections

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has bagged all the four electable positions for the National Women executive committee.

During the National Delegates Conference held today at Kibuli Secondary School, Faridah Kibowa from Kayunga, Linda Auma from Lira, Masturah Namatovu from Kamuli and Norah Akwi from Nakapiripiriti were elected unopposed to the executive committee of the national women council.

Kibowa is the Chairperson National Women Council, deputies by Auma the while Namatovu was elected unopposed as the publicity secretary while Akwi is the secretary for finance.

Kibowa attributed her success to her membership in the NRM.

She committed to lobby for the women and promote and help in monitoring government projects like Operation Wealth Creation and Women Saccos that are essential for the development of women.

“What explains my success is really being NRM, because majority of the delegates were NRM and without my party, I would not have made it. The chairman himself has promised that he will help us through operation wealth creation and creating women Saccos. I am going to monitor those programs and also lobby for the women such that I promote the women agenda,” Kibowa said.

Speaking to Intelpost, NRM Secretary General Justine Lumumba attributed the success of the NRM to the support the party has from Ugandan women.

She said that as a party they have engaged women and also showed interest in women leadership.

“It is clear that our biggest support as NRM lie in women; But on this one of women, some parties don’t attach a lot of importance on issue of women but NRM attaches value to women,” Lumumba said.

Some of the prospective candidates were however turned away for abandoning the political parties that nominated them.

Electoral Commission’s Immaculate Namazzi told journalists that the elections were based on guidelines issued by EC as used during the previous, village, parish and district women council elections.

She emphasized candidates holding positions on a party ticket basis could not be allowed to contest as independent candidates.

“The guidelines have not changed. It is okay if someone contested on a party ticket at village to parish, sub county and district level. Challenge came about when some wanted to Change which is not allowed by law. Compare with the law that governs parliament: If you abandon your party while in parliament, you lose your seat” Namazzi explained.

The two day Delegates conference attended by 128 delegates was supposed to end on Friday.

It however had to close prematurely after all candidates were elected unopposed.