Oulanyah: What happened to MPs Kyagulanyi, Zaake shouldn’t have happened

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, has vilified security agencies over the manner in which MPs Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Kyaddondo East) and Francis Zaake (Mityana Municipality) were apprehended ahead of the Arua Municipality by-election.

Oulanyah visited the two MPs at Makindye Military Police Barracks and Lubaga Hospital respectively to get first hand information about their state of health.

The MPs with a group of 33 others were arrested ahead of the August 15 Parliamentary by-election in Arua Municipality where they had gone to campaign for the eventual winner Ezati Kassiano Wadri.

“What I have seen is that both of them are in pain. I talked with Hon. kyagulanyi but he is in a lot of pain. He is however in a uniquely humorous mood and we were laughing with him,” Oulanyah told journalists outside Lubaga Hospital.

He said that both MPs had no internal injuries though in great pain.

“All injuries are external arising from several beatings when they were arrested. This situation should not have happened,” Oulanyah said.

Jacob Oulanyah addressing the press after visiting MPs Kyagulanyi & Zaake.

Later on during Parliament’s plenary sitting, Oulanyah said that it was absurd that elections to replace the late MP Ibrahim Abiriga, who was brutally murdered, turned chaotic.

“These things bring questions that we should have an opportunity to discuss as Members of Parliament and people of this country. Do we have to make elections this violent?” Oulanyah wondered.

Oulanyah told Parliament that the two MPs were in a lot of pain but had no other worrying complications, adding that if any, they would be informed by the medical staff handling them.

“When I visited Bobi Wine, we talked and laughed. Dr Gideon Nuwagira (of the UPDF) said muscle spasms on his left back is causing him a lot of pain,” Oulanyah said.

“The doctors told me that Hon. Zaake is suffering from post-traumatic stress and has thus become suspicious of everybody around him. But [both] MPs have been taken through MRI and have no internal injuries,” said Oulanyah.

Oulanyah said that the violence that led to the situation the two legislators find themselves in should not have happened.

“The extent to which violence is escalating in this country is worrying and we should all get concerned,” he said.

He said the country had to reflect on the issues at hand and find a way forward, and urged MPs to organize, manage, and motivate crowds in a proper manner.

“We need to take care with the way we speak to and inspire crowds. It should be in a way that communicates the sense of being a citizen,” he said.