Family demands justice as Bobi Wine’s driver is buried

At about 10:30am, Yasin Kawuma’s body, carried in a wooden box left his home in Lusanja, Nangabo Sub County in Wakiso district for his ancestral home in Ssango Buwama Mpigi district.

Kawuma who was shot dead on Monday in Arua is expected to be buried today 4pm.

At Lusanja, a team of youths under Robert Kyagulanyi’s People Power pressure group gathered to extend a helping hand in preparation for the burial.
Some wore T-Shirts with imprints of “Rest in Peace Yasin” at the front and at the back, “Team Robert Kyagulanyi.

A delegation that picked his body from Arua arrived at Lusanja at around 4am where mourners had been gathering since news of his killing broke out.

Among the mourners was Ibrahim Sekajja Ssebuliba who worked with Kawuma for the past three years as a kids’ coach in Kiteezi Mineral Soccer Management Group.

Ssekajja eulogised Kawuma as a humble, peaceful and committed person who besides coaching supported the team with basic necessities like food and scholastic materials.


Some of the children who Kawuma has been training in his soccer academy

“He has been our sole provider right from the feeding of these kids to buying them jerseys and boots. We are in a very sorrow state; we are in total mess; we don’t know what we are going to do next,” Ssekajja said.

Twelve-year-old Ramadhan Ssali described Kawuma as a good trainer who dedicated his time and effort to ensure that they learn and master relevant soccer skills.

“Our coach was so caring to us. He taught us a lot for example tapping the ball, dribbling and passing it. But if God has dedicated to take him, that is,” said Ssali.

At 40years, Kawuma is survived by three widows and at least 11 children.

His eldest son, 20-year-old Edirisa Sssebabi, a student of Tractor Operation and Mechanics in Mwererwe Institute in Matugga, said, he is currently uncertain of his future and that of his siblings since the bread winner and facilitator of their education has passed on.

“My dad has been the one taking care of us. He was not rich but he made sure we all went to school. Now he was killed and we don’t know what is going t happen to us. I have about 8 siblings. Government needs to come in and support us,” said Ssebabi.

He wants government to support his family but also bring justice to them by holding accountable the killers of his father.

“But government needs to take a step. My dad was a peaceful man; I have never known him fight with any one. But now he was killed. We need justice” said Ssebabi with teary eyes.

Abdusalam Mutumba, a brother to the deceased’s brother demanded that government brings to book Kawuma’s killers.

Ronald Mayinja (c) at the funeral

He says that it is unlikely that their person was killed in a riot as some reports claimed.

The family was joined by popular musician Ronald Mayinja in demanding for justice.

“Excessive force is not required. How can you fire bullets at unarmed youths? All that youths can afford is stones and abuse. But security using excessive force and killing youths is unfortunate. They can just take them with their hands and arrest them. They don’t need bullets. or they saying they are incompetent and cannot handle youths peacefully” said Mayinja.