FDC threatens to sue over LC 1 elections

The Forum for Democratic Party has threatened to take Electoral Commission to court over the recently concluded LC 1 elections.

Addressing the press Monday Morning at FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi , the Party spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda said that they have instructed their Secretary for Legal Affairs Abed Nasser Mudiobole to prepare and take Electoral Commission to court.

“And the reason we mandated him to do so is because of not necessarily the irregularities which were registered during these elections but also the manner in which the Electoral Commission has conducted itself after the election” said Semujju

In most villages across the country, LC 1 elections were conducted on July 10 after which, elected chairpersons were required to immediately constitute their executive committees.

While the new village chairpersons assumed office on August 1, FDC claims they are illegally occupying their village offices since they were not gazetted

“You are aware that for you to be sworn-in as an elected leader, your results must be gazetted. There are no gazettes for anyone elected, we don’t know who got how many votes, where. But these fellows continue presiding over swearing-in ceremonies” Ssemujju said.

FDC says they have registered over 7000 complaints about the elections but their push for an electoral petition cannot go on because the results are not in the gazette yet.

FDC now wants court to compel the Electoral Commission to gazette the results but also declare the recent swearing-in of the LC 1 Chairpersons illegal.

Electoral Commission spokesperson Jothan Taremwa said that they are not required by law to gazette the LC 1 chairpersons.

“I think the law does not command us to gazette LC 1 results. And if you recall, the time the chairman was elected and the executive constituted… in effect it meant that was the first council seating. And you don’t conduct any other business before gazetting. So the process itself is an indicator that we don’t have to gazette LC 1 elections,” said Taremwa