ULGA, OWC partner in drive against poverty

Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) has entered into a partnership with Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) in which local government leaders will mobilise their communities to engage in activities directed at bringing about socio-economic transformation.

The partnership was cemented on Sunday, July 29 at the Jinja Civil Service College during this year’s local economic development (LED) conference.

The national OWC coordinator Gen Salim Saleh was represented by his deputy, Lt Gen Charles Angina at the opening of the conference which running under a theme; Transforming communities for increased incomes and local development: Cooperatives as an engine for Local Economic Development.

“You are critical players in giving good services… we want to stand with you to make sure that you give services to the communities and also ensure that those services; not just ordinary services but outstanding services, help in the transformation for our people,” Gen Angina said.
Under the partnership, local government leaders are expected to bear the responsibility mobilising the communities to embrace the OWC program.

” You are there to give assurance and hope to the communities to embrace and own those projects and programs.
I know this from the botton of my heart that local governments are very critical in this endeavour, and that explains why OWC is very excited and delighted to move towards signing an MoU to work with Local governments,” Gen Angina said.

Angina said, the partnership must go beyond the usual partnerships for convenience but ensure that both entities give the best to the people and in good time.

Mathias Kasamba donates to Gen Angina coffee processed for export by Kakuuto farmers

The chairperson of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) committee on Agriculture, Tourism and Natural resources, Mathias Kasamba  challenged local government leaders to take the lead in wealth creation.

“We have been in the comfort zones for so long, the time is now for us to re-organise for the socio-economic transformation of our societies,” Kasamba said.

“As leaders, you must be the role models in your districts, you must walk the talk because if you don’t, the people will not respond,” he added.