KCCA gets Shs 4bn to redevelop Old Taxi Park

The Netherlands government has given Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) A grant of Euros 997,500 (Shs 4.34 bn) for the re-development of the park.

Netherlands Ambassador to Uganda Henk Jan Bakker and KCCA Executive Director Jenifer Ssemakula Musisi Thursday afternoon at KCCA headquarters signed an agreement in which Netherlands extended the grant.

The grant is to facilitate feasibility studies of the project prior to actual implementation.

“We are here this afternoon to sign an agreement for the feasibility study or the old taxi park. The Netherlands as you may know is a small but rather densely populated country, so we may know a thing or so in urban planning” said Bakker

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics 2014 report, Kampala has a population of over 1.5 million people.
It is said to be the 13th fastest growing city in the world but still grapples with poor sanitation facilities, poor traffic flow and congestion among others.

Bakker said that the re-development comes to address such concerns.

The feasibility studies expected to last between 12 to 18 months is the first step in the re-development process of the park.

According to KCCA, the Objective of the project is to prepare a feasible and sustainable transit oriented development plan for the Old Taxi Park and its surroundings.

This also includes the development of an appropriate integral strategy for the use of the new public transport terminal and public transport accessibility in general.

After the studies, KCCA shall start on the actual implementation of the plan.

The re-development of the park involves improving parking system and business in the area

“The project will be a multi-functional facility. In addition to parking we are looking at having commercial space but also public space in the same area,” said Jennifer Musisi, the KCCA executive director.

The master plan for the redevelopment will according to KCCA also integrate the private real estate developments around the park.

‘’All the private real estate owners will be engaged during the feasibility and design phases to ensure their views and plans are incorporated in the final plan.’’ Read part of the KCCA fact sheet

The Government of Netherlands through the Netherlands Infrastructure Development Facility known as Develop2Build will offer both financial and technical support to the KCCA to carry out feasibility studies and develop a master plan for redeveloping the Old Taxi Park, Kampala’s main public transport hub.

The Develop2Build (D2B) is program of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Develop2Build (D2B) is a Government-to-Government program, which supports governments in 37 developing countries and emerging markets in the development of infrastructure projects.