Ministers irked by return of Karamojong beggar children

Two weeks after government launched an operation to rid Kampala of street children, the numbers are mysteriously shooting up.

Over the past few days, unidentified people have been dropping the children at different locations around Kampala.

Minister for Karamoja affairs, John Byabagambi in a message to Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, the State Minister for Youths and Children, said that he had witnessed first hand, vehicles dropping the children on the streets of Kampala.

“I was in the middle of the City at around midnight, I observed some strange movements of people dumping kids on the streets of Kampala again. By the looks, they are Karamajongs.” Byabagambi said.

Byabagambi suspects that when government through the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, the Ministry of Karamoja Affairs and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) embarked on the operation, some people hid the children in Kampala and release them at midnight.

He singles out the Kitgum House junction and clock tower as the areas where the children are dropped to beg.

Nakiwala has since asked the police to deploy in the said areas with a view of arresting the culprits.

“So I have contacted the Minister of state for Internal Affairs to expeditiously trace the culprits and prosecute them. Hon Obiga Kania has confirmed that police has embarked on its work,” Nakiwala said.
She asked the police to be vigilant and make sure that the culprits are arrested.

“Police patrol can do a good job for us so that they are arrested and taken back and the culprits are brought to book,” Nakiwala said.

Government embarked on the removal of street children from the streets of Kampala after the completion of the reception centers of Masuulita in Wakiso district and Koblin in Moroto.