Anite: Why would I flee Uganda?

The state Minister for Investment and Privatisation Evelyn Anite has broken her silence over the widely spreading rumours that she has fled the country out of regret of her role in last year’s amendment of the Constitution.

She was among the key architects and promoters of the bill that amended the Constitution to delete Article 102 (b) which limited the age of aspiring presidents at 75.

The provision meant that President Yoweri Museveni would not extend his more than three decades presidency.

Anite spoke to IntelPost from Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA where she went to write her exams.

The Koboko Municipality who led NRM MPs in 2014 to plot an ouster for Amama Mbabazi from the powerful positions of Prime Minister and NRM secretary general, enrolled on the Global Master of Arts Programme in International Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Investment minister Evelyn Anite.

It is an online program that she embarked on late last year.
The youthful minister has became a matter of discussion on social media following her June 28 letter to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, seeking leave of absence.

This was in accordance to Rule 111 of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure that prohibits MPs to keep away from Parliament for 15 consecutive sittings without the Speaker’s permission.


While she indicated in her communication to Kadaga that she would return to Parliament on August 28, messages have been circulating on social media insinuating that she had fled into exile.

“I am not coming back to Uganda, I acted out of ignorance, I withdraw all my statements and ask for forgiveness from Ugandans. My son still needs my life which is at a very high risk,” read a message that she allegedly sent to the Ugandan ambassador in the US upon arrival.

Speaking to IntelPost, Anite described as “insane” whoever drafted and circulated the message.

“If they say that I have a son that I don’t have, do you expect me to run after mad people? They are insane, they know the truth but chose to write that nonsense,” Anite said.

“If they declared me dead, what more can they not say?” Anite wondered.
Currently, she is attending her face-to-face lectures ahead of her exams.

“How come when I left in January for one full month they never wrote what they are writing now? They are making me more popular; if I am out of the country but continue to dominate news back home, that shows that I am popular. Very many people want to be on the newspapers’ front page but don’t get the opportunity,” Anite said.