Uganda Wildlife Authority Receives New Dart Guns

Nile Breweries Uganda has donated dart guns to Uganda Wildlife Authority for the purpose of conducting wildlife conservation activities. The dart guns will be used by the veterinary team for tranquillising wild animals for treatment and translocation.

The Country Director for Uganda and Sudan Thomas Kampius together with Peter Baldwin handed over the equipment to UWA’s Executive Director Sam Mwandha at the agency’s headquarters in Kampala.“Uganda’s rich wildlife is one aspect that differentiates it from other countries,” noted Mr. Kampius in his remarks.

He also appreciated the employees of UWA who put in a lot of efforts to ensure country’s wildlife is protected.He emphasized the need to conserve the things that make Uganda a beautiful country.“I have travelled to many countries in Africa but Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa,” he observed.

Mwandha appreciated the various stakeholders most especially Nile Breweries who have immensely contributed towards conserving Uganda’s wildlife. He encouraged other stakeholders to take part in this cause as it benefits all Ugandans.

Nile Breweries has been instrumental in organizing the Murchison Falls Fishing Invitational Tournament. This competition happens annually and takes place in Murchison Falls National Park. The competition has over the years morphed into a successful charity event that attracts participants from all around the world. Some of the proceeds go to the community channelled into the schools to improve the education of pupils that neighbour the park.

The Director of Tourism and Business Development Services, Stephen Masaba, thanked Nile Breweries for the continuous co-operation over the years on various occasions including the fishing competitions.He noted that Nile Breweries had over the years been donating motor bikes to UWA and this time, the team had decided to give UWA something different. Nile Breweries on their part pledged to continue supporting conservation in every possible way.

Dr. Robert Aruho one of UWA’s veterinary doctor demonstrated how the dart guns are used and safety measures undertaken in event of tranquillising any wildlife. The Dan injector-dart gun will considerably improve on the rescue efficiency of veterinary team during interventions.

With this donation, we are sure that each veterinary team in each conservation area will be in possession of a functional dart gun.