NRM claims 90% victory in Women Council elections

The ruling NRM party has claimed landslide victory in the July 3 village women council elections.
NRM electoral commission chief Tanga Odoi told journalists on Thursday that although the NRM electoral commission had not computed all the results, the returns so far give the party a resounding victory.

“I am happy to report that the NRM has registered landslide victories across the country,” Tanga said.

“Our current statistics of 108 districts indicate that NRM has 83.3% victory as average. In most districts we have 90% and above, anyone who thinks NRM is out there to joke around, should think otherwise.” Tanga added.

According, to Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM secretariat, before the elections, NRM was already boasting of 31% victory.

“Out of the 60,800 villages, we had over 9,500 going through unopposed which is representative of 31%,” Mulindwa said.

He said that the party was optimistic that it would record a reasonable percentage of victory.

“We are working towards 85% in the LC 1 elections. The women council elections have re-energised our members and are hopeful that we are going to register a resounding victory,” Mulindwa said.
LC 1 elections will be held on Tuesday, July 3.

To strengthen their mobilisation, NRM has given all its village candidates Shs 120,000 to facilitate their campaigns.

The party has also given its MPs and Parliamentary flag bears money to convene constituency meetings on Friday, while the district NRM chairpersons are expected to hold district meetings on Saturday.

The meetings are intended to drum up support for the NRM village flag bearers and also help to reconcile the warring factions.