Kadaga gets tough on absentee MPs

Angered by the declining quality of Parliamentary work, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is getting tough on MPs, demanding for an explanation for their continued absenteeism.

After weeks of analysing the Parliamentary committee registers, Kadaga on June 7 wrote to the majority of MPs warning of disciplinary action against the MPs.

She threatened to invoke Rule 111 (7) of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure which requires her to read names of MPs that miss committee meetings during the Plenary sitting of Parliament.

She also directed committee chairpersons to take note and comply with Rule 112 (2) which requires them to report committee members that miss 15 consecutive meetings.

Kadaga first announced her intentions to get tough on absentee MPs and Ministers during a live Twitter chat on May 28.

Kadaga’s letter to ailing MP Betty Nambooze

She repeated the same during the State of the Nation address on June 7, the day she wrote to MPs.

Her action had remained within MPs and Parliamentary staff until when supporters of Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke took to the Social media to criticise Kadaga for writing to a sick MP.

“It has come to my attention that in the last session, you absented yourself from 19 out of 23 meetings of the committee on Public Service and Local government without permission. This is contrary to Rule 111 (6) and Rule 112 (1&2) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament,” Kadaga’s letter to Nambooze partly reads.

“Your absence affected [the committee] work and undermined the performance of Parliament in general,” she further wrote.

Kadaga’s warning came as a shocker to most MPs since in Parliament’s recent history, no attention has ever been paid to committee attendance.