UIA board run to minister to eject interdicted ED

Uganda Investment Authority Board wants the minister of Finance and Economic Development Matia Kasaija to help them eject their Executive Director whom they interdicted over corruption charges.

Jolly Kaguhangire was on Tuesday interdicted pending investigations into her misconduct and corruption at the investment body. However in a letter written to UIA board chairman Emely Kugonza on July 27, Kaguhangire blatantly refused to vacate office saying the meeting that interdicted her had no locus to do so.

“The refusal to hand over office by Mrs Jolly Kaguhangire has generated a lot of confusion at the authority and is badly affecting our image and investor confidence as the preferred investment country. We humbly seek the intervention of your good office,” Kugonza’s letter to Kasaija reads in part. In her letter Kaguhangire listed reasons why she can’t step aside like she was ordered.

“I would like to bring to your attention the fact that the board decision made on the 51 board meeting is invalid, ultra vires, illegal and incurably void ab intio,” Kaguhangire’s letter reads in part.

She says the Board when deciding her case did not have quorum as required by board manual, section 3.5.2 and the investment code Act Section 7 which puts the quorum to eight members.

“Please note that at time of the decision,  three members had left the meeting,” Kaguhangire writes. She adds that it is on record that one of the board members has personal conflict with her but participated in the deliberations and voting of the board contrary to law that prohibits anyone with interest to be part of the deliberation of the board.

“I’m still in office as the UIA Executive Director carrying out my duties and mandate of the authority. Any decision made by any other officer on behalf of the authority is null and void,” Kaguhangire says.