Museveni halts RDC appointments over LC I elections

In a two paragraph statement released on Sunday, June 24, the Minister for the Presidency Esther Mbayo stayed the transfer and appointment of new Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) and their deputies.

In her statement, Mbayo denounced reports of the RDC reshuffle that was announced last week.

She said that the information that has been circulating on social media about the transfer there has been tension among the RDC fraternity.

“As minister in charge of the presidency, I wish to inform the district Commissioners and deputy Resident District Commissioners to stay at their work stations and carryon their functions and responsibilities normally,” Mbayo’s statement reads in part without going into details as to why the transfers are being halted.

The new appointments were announced on Eid day, June 15, by Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Innocent Wanyama but it later turned out that besides having suspected dead people as well as those that were holding other better government jobs, the President, in announcing the appointments had misquoted the Constitution.

The list was recalled and a revised one was issued on June 18 which has also been recalled.

While Mbayo didn’t say much in her statement, sources in State House have told IntelPost that the decision to cancel the appointments was reached during a stormy meeting at State House Nakasero on Sunday.

The meeting, chaired by Museveni was attended by Mbayo, Principal Presidential Private Secretary (PPS) Molly Kamukakama among others who traded accusations over the appointments that embarassed the Presidency.

Museveni wanted to know the source of the confusion that cast a public impression that he was not well conversant with the Constitution despite being in charge of the country for more than three decades.

Mbayo distanced herself from the list telling Museveni that she was never consulted despite being the line minister.

In defence, Kamukama told Museveni that the list was compiled off a list the president has over the time been giving promises of job and it was not easy to tell who had died or who had left the country for greener pastures.

In the heat of the storm, Museveni directed that the old RDCs retain their current positions fearing that any attempt to move them would cost the ruling NRM party the forthcoming LC I elections.

“The resolution was that RDCs take over after LC1 elections,” a State House source said.

This was based on intelligence information that the opposition had been vigorously mobilising for the elections thus posting new RDCs to the districts would cost the NRM since the new ones would have no time to mobilise for the elections due on July 3 – 4.