Post Ramadhan, fight off Shaytwan

Assaalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

We are thankful to Allah for the favour of Islam. We pray to Him to grant us piety and faith. I hope you are now through or about to complete the fasting of 6 days in Shawwal.

May Allah enable you to fast them so that you get the rewards of fasting an entire year. If you have not started, inshaa Allah get determined to start soon.

Muslims at the recently concluded Eid-Al-Fitri Prayers on June 15.

Today, we are reminding ourselves about Shaytaan (Satan) that was released on eid day.

1. We were able to fulfill a number of acts of worship during Ramadan because shaytaan was chained. But it is now free to derail us from the path of Allah.

2. Having been set free, he must be anxious to take us back to evil. We therefore need to be resistant to his tricks. We ought to enter into our Deen wholeheartedly and avoid all deviations and foot steps of Shaytaan, bse he is an eminent enemy. Al-Baqarah 2:208.

3. Shyatan vowed to derail us from the straight path. He even put up strategies of how to do it; making us to hate akhirah, too much love for the worldly life, beautification of evil and postponement of repentance. Al-A’raaf 7:16-17.

4. Allah the Almighty highlighted the enmity and strategies of Shaytan and instructed us to counteract them, Faatir 35:5-6. Allah wants us to fight against Shaytaan bse he (shaytaan) is mobilizing groups of people and jinns so that they can be with him in hellfire.

5. Let us fight Shaytaan by preferring Islam to all other philosophies. Let us hate and avoid unlawful things. We ought to seek refuge with Allah against Shaytaan. Say” Audhubillahi mina shaytaan rajeem” many times. Lessen your love for this worldly life and endeavor to use this life/dunya in preparation for the hereafter.

6. We are aware that shaytaan has less influence over the believers and those who put their trust in Allah, An-Nahl 16:99-100. This gives us courage to pray for strong Iman and reliance on Allah so that shaytwan runs away from us as it used to do with Khaliifah Umar Ibnul-Khattaab. Shaytwan has greater influence on those who befriend him and those who associate Allah with partners. We should therefore avoid both.

May Allah protect us against Shaytwan. Have a blessed week.