Women; it’s time to spice up your bedrooms

Your honeymoon is a time set aside for intense seduction and sexual satisfaction. For this reason, you have to choose lingerie that is bound to have your spouse’s jaw falling to the ground before it gets ripped off for another round of marital bliss. Seduction is a game that has been around for centuries. There are a few basics that elevate seduction to a whole new level and having the right clothing or lack thereof is the first step.

Lingerie comes in different designs and colors and all that you have to do is find one that makes you feel like a goddess. Your confidence makes the outfit even more seductive so you have to choose something that makes you feel indestructible. When it comes to choosing sexy lingerie there are so many options that it sometimes get confusing and frustrating. However, in my opinion, if you are looking for simplicity and quiet sophistication then the chemise and babydoll will make the greatest selection. From a night of seduction to just a quiet night in by the fireplace; the chemise and babydoll allow you to get into the mood that you feel would get you enjoying the moment with relative ease.

When it comes to material, silk, cotton and satin are the most common lingerie fabric. Some lingerie pieces are made of synthetic materials like nylon and spandex and these are a bit more affordable. However, synthetic material should be worn very minimally as there are health concerns regarding these materials. Lace lingerie is also very popular because of its sophisticated look that oozes demure sexuality. Choosing the right material is wholly dependent on how often you plan to wear the lingerie. A breathable and comfortable material is recommended if you plan to use the lingerie frequently way after the honeymoon is wrapped up.

Talking about colors, Pink, red and black have always been the most common lingerie colors.

With so many articles claiming red is the color that gets the male species hot, who wouldn’t want to get a piece of red sexy lingerie? However, in this day and time lingerie is being worn for self pleasure and this means that there is a color variety so broad and diverse there is no way you could possibly own them all. The color combinations vary from piece to piece, ensuring that you will always get something that will make your eyes pop. When it comes to choosing the lingerie that will get you’re sexy on, choose a color that you are totally in love with. This will ensure that every time you don the lingerie you feel like a million bucks. Brenda Katushabe says she would choose black because she finds it sexier. An ill fitting lingerie piece beats the purpose of wearing it in the first place. There are places that offer free measurement services to get you to know your exact lingerie size. Take advantage of this opportunity and you will never buy anything that doesn’t fit anymore. Gone are the days where lingerie was made for the size 0s. In this age and time you can be sure that you will get a lingerie piece that fits like a glove.

When your lingerie hugs all the right places, there is no risk of you feeling like you shouldn’t have put it on. Get the correct measurement and none of your lingerie purchases will ever disappoint you again.

Michael Paul Kazinja says, size, color and type matter. “I find tight and see-through lingerie on point. However, these may not appeal to all dudes. Some prefer it in a particular size, color, type and right moment if one is to tease their dude to please him right.”

Some of the fashions which they say are on point.
Pattern Design

This is the Holy Grail of lingerie pieces. From the one piece lingerie to the top and bottom ones, the fabric pattern makes the whole difference. There are the see through materials that have strategically placed opaque patterns that cover all the right places. Solid color lingerie is classy and old school sophisticated but one with a pattern may take the outfit from sexy to smoking hot.

Choosing a pattern design may be time consuming but it will be worth every second once you check yourself in the mirror. You may even have a collection of the same type of lingerie but the different designs make it look new every damn time. Sexy lingerie is here to stay and the unique patterns add oomph to the already alluring outfit.

Oh the Extras

Bows, chains, zips, jewels, etc. These are some of the extra features that take the lingerie to a whole new level. The unique features vary from lingerie to lingerie but one thing for sure is that there is no limit to the creativity. Sitting through one Victoria Secret show will have your eyes opening up to a whole new world of creative design.

Lingerie is timeless and even after your honeymoon has come to a close you still need your seduction tools to get your marital bliss lasting a while longer.

Jordan Thembo Jisleay Shootia Media Uganda says, “it’s basically seductive and it’s a good outfit for women mostly night so long as it’s your woman.”

Rose Nankyanzi says, “Every woman needs lingerie so as to look attractive to their men. Sometimes men may cheat for a petty reason such as a lady having prettier underwear than their woman. Who wouldn’t want to pull off sexy underwear from their partner? Ugly underwear for me is a total turn off. Lingerie should be embraced more often in women; it’s more like adding a topping on an already made dessert; just to spice up the look more.”

Lingerie is a bedroom spice for how attractive a woman appears. Women out there, it’s time to spice up your bedrooms and look sexy.