Museveni outlines measures to fight crime

President Yoweri Museveni has unveiled a 10 point programme to fight crime in the country. The rate of crime in Uganda has reached fever pitch levels especially after the assassination of MP Ibrahim Abiriga. Addressing parliament Wednesday, Museveni said his government had pacified the country so much that in the last 500 years the territory that constitutes Uganda is peaceful from border to border.

Museveni who first took Members of Parliament through the history of Uganda said that the UPDF was able to fight and defeat alls insurgencies such as LRA’s Joseph Kony, ADF, Karamojong cattle rustlers among others because of the deliberate effort to increase the budget of the ministry of defense.

President Museveni addressing Parliamentarians on June 20 2018

In a speech that Bugweri county MP Abdul Katuntu described as a circus, Museveni repeated points he has been making every time a high profile person is gunned down especially in Kampala; the latest being the shooting dead of Arua municipality MP, Ibrahim Abiriga on June 8 together with his brother Said Kongo.

In his detailed plan, Museveni talked about capturing finger and palm prints of all people in the country, introduction of electronic number plates for vehicles and motorcycles, banning of hoods, introduction and registration of helmets with illuminated numbers, installations of cameras across the country, introduction of modern forensic laboratories to take everybody’s DNA, improving the  speed at which the police responds to emergencies by reviving of the Police distressed call line of 999 and the Flying Squad, introduction of defense drones and also regulating their usage, introduction of strict laws concerning social media and also increase on the numbers of scanner at Uganda’s border points to know what goods are entering and leaving the country.

Museveni demonstrates how thugs cover heads after committing crimes. Photo Bamulanzeki

Museveni believes that if all these measures are put in place, government would be able to decisively deal with insecurity.

“Those who are doing wrong things are endangering themselves; we shall crush them. They have eyes but they can’t see, they have ears but they can’t hear, they are playing with a very dangerous thing,” Museveni said prompting a heavy response in approval from mainly his NRM legislators.

He added that at first he hadn’t got involved in the previous murders but the killing of Sheikh Maj. Kiggundu and Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi jolted him from his slumber to try and have a solution to the increased murders. He wondered how a police that is more trained, equipped and with more educated officers than before would fail to do its job.

“Why would they bother an old man like me to go and look for criminals” Museveni asked. The last seven years have seen the killing of at least 20 high profile people yet no one has been found guilt for these crimes.