Equal opportunity Commission donates to prisoners

The Equal Opportunities Commission has today visited Uganda Prisons Female section in an act of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The team led by the Secretary of the commission Mujuni Pac Lawrence Aldo donated to inmates an assortment of items such as soap, sanitary pads, toilet paper and toothpaste among others.

This has been done in preparation for the commemoration of the African Public Servants’ day.
The activities are being spearheaded by the ministry of Public Service and each government entity is doing a number of Corporate Social Responsibility activities; some are visiting hospitals, babies homes yet others have decided to clean slums.

According to Mujuni, prison is one of the places that shelters vulnerable people. The membership of this prison includes inmates on remand, convicts, lodgers(brought to the maximum facility for special attention like child birth), debtors(those on civil offenses) condemns and children belonging to inmates arrested pregnant or with little babies below 5years.

During the visit, the team took a tour around the facility and talked to some inmates to try and understand the conditions they live in.

“For us who have been here inside, the perception outside there is different from what obtains on the ground. The women look nice, the hair is well made, smiles are allover the place,” Mujuni said.

An inmate speaking on behalf of the rest decried the abandonment of some inmates by their families.

“You can find that your family rejects and disowns you because of the crimes committed or imposed on you. Some inmates are not even visited by relatives. And sometimes when some inmates are released, they are not accepted by society,” an unidentified inmate said.

In response, the EOC gave a word of hope expressing willingness to help integrate former prisoners into society and ensure their rights are respected.

The Public Servant Day was established in 1994 during the Declaration of the Pan African Conference of Ministers of Public Service held in Tangier Morocco.

The day is marked on June 23 to celebrate the value and virtue of service to the community.
Since the day will fall on a weekend, Uganda intends to celebrate it the day before at Kololo Independence Grounds under the theme, “Combating Corruption in Public Institutions ”