Dead among newly appointed RDCs

Embarrassed by a discovery that some of his newly appointed Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) are men who died some years back, President Yoweri Museveni has recalled the appointments.

The dead men are, Godfrey Aluma who was appointed RDC for Amudat, and William Aya who was sent to Pader as deputy RDC.

But that is not the only embarrassment he suffered, the list had a serving LC 5 chairman; Moroto’s Andrew Keem Napaja who was named RDC for Kaboong district.

Former DP spokesman Mwaka Lutukmoi who was re-appointed Lira RDC is unwilling to leave his teaching job in the US to take up a position he resigned years back.

It also emerged that three people from the same family appear on the list while in other cases, a number of serving RDCs were demoted and named deputy RDCs.


The new appointments which were announced on Eid day show that the President misread the law, quoting Article 108 of the Constitution instead of Article 203.

“In Exercise of Powers confirmed on the President of Uganda by Articles 108(1), 108 (2), 113(1) and Article 99(1) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, I have appointed the following Resident District Commissioners,” Museveni’s statement read in part.

By referring to Article 108, the president was in effect appointing this entire group as Vice Presidents.

The list was recalled on Monday evening and all the current RDCs were asked to retain their positions until further notice.

According to sources, the list which was released on June 15 was compiled in October 2016, two months before the death of some of the appointees.

The list was shelved because Museveni at the time did not see an urgent need to appoint RDCs.