We shall crush the murderers – Museveni

Challenged by growing cases of unexplained murders, President Yoweri Museveni stepping up efforts to decisively deal with the problem that has raised security fears across the country.

Addressing military students at State House Entebbe who have been undergoing a three-month Political Education and Leadership Training Course at Oliver Reginald Tambo School of Leadership (ORTSL), Kaweweta in Nakaseke District, Museveni blamed “political saboteurs” for the killings.

He said, political saboteurs cannot pretend to be cleverer, and will always end up making bigger and more mistakes and will roundly be defeated by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government.

“Our softness is tactical. Criminal intimidation by murderers will be crushed, defeated and nobody will shed tears for them because they have exposed themselves,” Museveni said.

Museveni first pointed an accusing fingure at his political opponents June 9 following the gruesome murder of former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Abiriga was gunned down on Friday June 8, a few metres from his residence at Kirinyabigo near Kawanda in Wakiso district.

Museveni also stressed to the military students the need for the political leadership to deal with the issue of Africa marginalization and tackling development bottlenecks.

The military students include 41 Captains, 28 Lieutenants and 26 2nd Lieutenants. There are 10 Lady Officers.

He said that socio economic transformation and integration systems, identifying reliable cadres and correct ideological direction using the fulcrum of political education, are important for the enhancement of the development of the people of Africa.

The President informed the military students that the NRM ten point programme that was initiated during the protracted armed people’s bush struggle, had been reached after analysing the processes of the evolution putting into consideration human needs for development, scientific development and technological advancement.

He added that the programme had also been conceived as a guide for good governance of society in modern times in a mixed economy set up.

“The NRM vision of the ten point programme offers a grasp and depicts what is fit for modern society in a situation of mixed economy. It is also offers an insight in understand why Africa has lagged behind for the last 500 years ago,” he said.

President Museveni speaking to UPDF officers during a lecture on Political Education at at State House Entebbe on Saturday June 17 2018.

Museveni said that the principles of NRM, such as patriotism and anti-sectarianism, among others, were tailored to de-intoxicate society of the wrong attitudes in order for all people to appreciate better what caused the fragmentation of the African society and what should done to ensure the future of the people of Africa.

“In order for us Africans to ensure our prosperity, we integration, big markets and more people so as to achieve successful socio-economic transformation,” he emphasized.

The Chief Political Commissar, Brigadier Henry Matsiko reported that the main thrust of the training is to ensure sustainability of the capacity and building of the effort in ideological development.

The Commandant, Colonel Chris Ogumelaki, revealed the training was designed to improve political awareness among UPDF Officers to enable them understand objectively the socio- economic and political struggles that been undergone in Uganda and Africa at large.