Jenifer Musisi gives tips on personal security

As cases of murder, kidnap for ransom and robbery continue to ravage Kampala and its environs, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has come up with measures to enhance self- security.
In a statement KCCA Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi says security of person and property begins with an individual.

“Security is trying its level best to address this concern however we need to take precautionary measures to avoid becoming victims of circumstances that can be avoided” Musisi’s stamen reads in part. It advises people to inform security as soon as they come across anonymous letters that have sums of money tagged on them and timelines that criminals drop in their areas.

Musisi advised people to reveal their movements to loved ones especially appointments outside working environments.

“Inform someone close to you of the registration number of the means used and the destination you are taking.” Musisi said.

She also added that criminals use a technique of stage-managing accidents where they knock their target’s car from behind to lure them out and kidnap them.

Musisi also advised parents to communicate earlier to the schools in case of adjustments in the person to pick up their children, adding that juveniles should be delivered to and away from public places by grown-ups and advised against sending them to shops or markets.

She added that kidnappers first do enough background check on their victims, establishing their contacts, relatives, and movement patterns. “In the event of a kidnap, please liaise with security.

Security forces are advising that you do not negotiate with the kidnappers neither should you share progressive details with all sorts of surrounding well-wishers. Among them could be a person strategically planted by the wrong elements to brief them (kidnappers) of the progress in your camp.”

She warned people against opening the windows of their vehicles while in traffic jam, dark spots, seemingly safe areas, since a number of people on the streets disguising as street kids, vendors, idlers are instead critically observing motorists and looking out for opportunities to snatch anything valuable from them.

“The first line of security is yourself; guard yourself before you seek other’s protection.”